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How to choose the color changing mug?
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How to choose the color changing mug?
Color changing mug,  we talking about is porcelain color changing mug. China is a ceramic powers, We had thousand years history of produce ceramic production. A good start is from blank mug with good quolity, then color changing technology craft quolity, and the motif design make people feeling smart, make people surprise or realize something, but that's not a day work. How  to  authenticate a color changing mug?
We have to check the quality of the blank mug, the craft, the design, and safety.
We have this following details of quality standar:  
A. Check the blank mug, check the brightness of the mug, whether the rimofacup is in a circle, if it has clear particle or pit,  color uneven, or parti-color, scratch, flaw, ect. At the present stage. The No.1 meterial is Magnesia porcelain, this porcelain fine and smooth, bright and clean as mire. The body of the mug thin and a little transparent, change color fast speed. Next is patedure, Strengthen porcelain, Stonware ect. Choosing magnesia porcelain to express your love to your loved one,  such color changing mug appears all the more valuable.
B. Check the craft, whether the printing part has burn out,  if the flower design orderliness and in right position.
C. Check the Effect, whether the picture is clear enough, whether the image of before color changing and after color changing can reach expectant surprised effect.
D. See safety: Whether this products havd branding,  all the material used environmental protection, Whe the product can pass food inspection standard. Whether the company passed ISO9001.
The mugs at right side are before color changing, the image at left side is after we putting hot water.  
The glasses at right side are before color changing, the image at left side is after we putting cold drink.


view Create Published:2011-2-16 17:17:08 Print Page
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