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Name:Schedule Mug D11091W-111102
 Schedule Mug D11091W-111102
  Number: D11091W-111102
  Size: D8.2*H11.7cm

MUGKISS Notebook Mugs
A mug you can make notes on

Time managing, Efficiency Improving, Paper saving.


Name: Weekly Plan Mug
Model: D11091W-111102
Size: D8.2*H11.5cm
Capacity: 460ml
Porcelain type: the translucent Xinyu porcelain
Features: Record your daily working schedule or important matter on the mug, reminding yourself what to do and finish them on time every time you drink. It’s easily erasable and reusable.
Selling point: Time managing; efficiency improving, paper saving and eco-friendly product
Suitable users: Office workers, white collars.

It’s something more than a mug. With it, Your work efficiency could be improved, as you can check your working status any time, to remind yourself of finishing tasks on time.
Mark where you at when you finish one task; Drink a sip of water when you are tired, as the Mug shows you what to do next, important things will never be missed again.


1.It’s like a personal white board, reminding yourself what and when to do.


When to start my work today?


2.It’s erasable by water or rubber. Keep doing it every day, to see if you have done all the tasks on time. Check and manage your behavior so to raise the work efficiency. The writings can be clear easily by water or rubber, leaving no trail

Weekly Plan Mug


3.Green Product, save paper

Class Schedule Mug

Save paper every day!


4.Dish washer, Microwave compatible.

5.Various interesting position of the penholder

Just one soft press, it will fix itself on the surfaces like mug body /lid/ table, etc, It’s convenient and space saving.


Product Video

It passes the FDA test, Dish washer, Microwave compatible.

SGS Test Report

Food safety test report: FDA, Prop 65, 84/500/EEC, HC.

SGS Test Report 1.SGS Test Report 2.SGS Test Report 3.SGS Test Report 4



Common pencil, cupule penholder, sponge


Patented products

Patent for the schedule mugs: There is a special white layer that could be written by pencil. It’s erasable by water or rubber and reusable. Patent no.: 201120398958.2

Patented penholder: Convenient, space saving, more variations Patent no.: 201120451959.9


A Little advise on

Pen selection:

1. Choose pencil or erasable water-based liquid pen, and the writings could easily be erased.
2. the oil-based viscous ink pen is not so easy to be washed off by water, However you can get rid of it by rubber. If you want to keep the writings for a longer time, please use the oil-based viscous ink pen.


Part of the certifications

Part of the certifications

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